Our Mission

At Audiology & Hearing Health, we truly believe that better hearing leads to a better life.

5 Reasons to Visit

Reason #1

When I have a problem that I am trying to solve, I want to find someone who really knows the subject that I am looking for help with. I want someone who is so fascinated by this particular issue, that they light up when they talk about it. In other words, I want a nerd. Nerds really know their subjects and LOVE their subjects. In fact, it might be hard to get a nerd to shut up about their particular subject!

Guess what? I’m the Ear Nerd!! I absolutely LOVE everything about ears and hearing. It completely fascinates me how our ears and brains work together and how critical our hearing and balance is to staying connected and independent in our worlds. I get the biggest kick out of reconnecting people to their lives with better hearing.

What I love most is to see how their faces light up when they can really understand what their families are saying to them, when they talk about hearing the birds outside or even the turn signal in their car! I even love it when they get a little teary-eyed (then I do, too…).

And when you can help someone figure what is wrong with their balance so that they can function as independently as possible, that is a great thing!


Reason #2

The more you understand how your hearing and balance works and why you might be having trouble, the better off you will be in the long run. Don’t worry, I don’t get too technical (unless you want us, to). I take the time to explain things. I don’t rush patients through appointments. We are happy to answer questions and give you our best advice based on knowledge, experience and expertise. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for both hearing and balance.

The first goal is diagnostics is to get answers about what is going on. Once I have those answers, they are reviewed with you. Possible outcomes include referral for medical or surgical consult, possible physical therapy for balance issues, immediate treatment of particular balance issues, hearing protection, acoustic environment counseling, or a hearing treatment plan including the use of hearing aids.


Reason #3

Knowledge, experience, and expertise! When I think about how long I’ve been an audiologist, it is kind of weird. I am still learning every day and that is the way that I like it. That being said, I have over 30 years of experience in diagnosis and audiological treatment of hearing loss and balance issues. I have tinnitus (ringing in the ears) myself as the result of a car accident, so I know what it is like to live with that.


Reason #4

When it comes to hearing aids, Audiology and Hearing Health a privately-owned practice with no franchise agreement or any obligation to any particular manufacturer of technology. I believe in having the freedom to use any technology for our patients that I think is appropriate for that particular person. Having worked for a manufacturer in my early professional career, I know that no one manufacturer can address all of my patient’s needs.

My job is to find what is right for YOU! Once I find it, my next job is to program it to your anatomy and your specific needs. Hearing aid fitting are verified based on what you tell us and how the devices test on specialized equipment that has had your unique hearing test results plugged in.


Reason #5

Ongoing care and commitment to your hearing and balance needs. Hearing and balance problems are manageable with continuing professional care. For balance issues, some treatments need to be repeated or changed.

For long-term hearing treatment plans, hearing aids need to be professionally cleaned, checked and recalibrated in order to continue to give the best sound quality and performance. Some patients have to have their ears cleaned out regularly or their devices don’t work well.

Our three year treatment plans include all of that follow-up at no additional charge. The office is open daily Monday through Friday and staff is available to take care of some things on a walk-in basis. If you wish to have time with me, appointments are recommended.

Audiology & Hearing Health is an independent provider of hearing healthcare and all types of hearing aids. We have two Doctors of Audiology on staff that provide you with comprehensive communication assessments, hearing aid sales and service, hearing protection, in-ear monitors, and earphones. Naturally, being part of the Nashville scene means that we support hearing loss prevention and care for musicians, audiophiles and first responders.


See what people are saying about Audiology & Hearing Health

  • I wanted to tell you that since I got my new “ears,” I’ve had enough confidence to go back to work full-time AND take a management position!

    K. Bella

  • I chose Dr. Jewell Baggett-Strehlau, because of the great reviews I have read online. I researched some of the work she has done and chose her out of five other audiologists in Nashville. My experience with her was nothing but 100% perfect. Ever since I walked in, I felt that I was important, that I was the only patient she had. She explained every step of the procedure, what I was to expect and then she was very sympathetic with me when she told me how much hearing loss I had, because I was very upset about my hearing loss. I was afraid that I was going to have to wear big, ugly hearing aids. The day came when I got my hearing aids. When I got them and went outside, I heard birds sing for the first time in three years. I told my husband “I can hear…I can hear everything around me”. I had suffered through feeling like everyone was mumbling, things were garbled, I did’nt even know what I was agreeing to. I tell people now not to holler at me anymore because I can hear. I would be happy to talk to anyone about my experience. She is an exceptional doctor of audiology, because she goes beyond the doctor/patient relationship to make sure that her patients have what they need to succeed in their normal everyday lives. I would recommend Dr. Jewell to anyone that needs hearing help.

    C. Dye